Cleaning Tips for a Moments Notice
By siteblog February 08, 2018

If you’ve had your home for sale in the past then you may have experienced the occasional short notice showings that occur. Those short notice showings can cause a little stress or anxiety for some because you want your well loved home to show perfectly. You are aware that it isn’t cleaned or picked up well enough to leave a lasting impression on the potential home Buyer.

Listing your “lived in” home for sale can be overwhelming for a family. The task of keeping it tidy as often as possible can be exhausting but rewarding once your home goes under contract. (Yay! Happy Dance!) In our years of assisting Sellers, Presnell Partners Real Estate Team has discovered a few cleaning tips that we thought we would share with home Sellers around the Savannah and surrounding areas. These tips would be effective in helping a Seller tidy their home in a moments notice.

  1. Collect just a few cleaning items that you may need along the way prior to beginning and making sure to include a damp cleaning rag.
  2. Allow yourself a certain amount of time per room and keep track so you know when to move to the next space that needs your attention.
  3. In each room gather all items that need to be put elsewhere. As you are straightening each room you can place the items where they belong.
  4. Using your cleaning rag wipe away smudges or dust on all visible surfaces.
  5. Remove any clutter on your kitchen counters, place dirty dishes in the dishwasher to ideally handle later, spray and wipe the counters and sink with a fresh scent cleaner of your choice. Or, if you love baking, having the smell of fresh baked cookies may leave the Buyers and their agent with a delightful after thought when considering your home and don’t be surprised if they help themselves to one (or two) of your tasty treats.
  6. Toss out any garbage or lose trash that may be sitting around throughout your home.
  7. Quickly make beds also arranging your coordinating bed pillows.
  8. Make sure to fluff couch pillows and fold throw blankets that you may have laying around.

Remember it’s not what you, the Seller, think of your home that matters but rather what the Buyer sees. Buyers do notice a well presented home. Most importantly, remember to stay positive and trust your Realtor through the process. They are working for you and want the same outcome for you and your family as you do.

The Presnell Partners Real Estate Team is a team of realtors that work together striving to deliver the best results for their clients. They offer over 40 years of combined experience and a wide range of knowledge in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas such as Rincon, Bloomingdale, Guyton, Springfield, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Port Wentworth, Clyo, Tybee Island, Pembroke and Statesboro.



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